Search Engine Marketing

Keyword Research

Let us help you determine the keywords you should be ranking for on the first page.

Content Optimization

Once visitors land on your page we need to optimize for conversion.

Competitive Analysis

We will compare the competitions' rankings for the keywords you want.

Link Building

A core offering at Unit Scientific is providing relevant links using our software.

Competitor Keyword Research

Competitor Keyword Research

You should know how competitive the keywords are that you want your company to be ranked for on the first page.  That is, there are some keywords that majority of your competition are already bidding on and there are keywords with few companies bidding on them.

The flipside to this is that some of the competitive keywords most of your competitors are bidding on are not worthwile for generating new business. While some of the keywords that do not score high on the competitive index are actually ideal for attracting leads.  We will help with that analysis.


Engage Visitors, Improve ROI

There has been a real paradigm shift in marketing in the last 5 years which is mainly due to consumers going online to do prepurchase researcher in record number.  Digital marketing has proven itself to be more affordable than traditional marketing.  Advances in software have allowed for easier creation and deployment of digital assets, as well.

While digital marketing is easier and more affordable to use than traditional marketing the rules have changed.  It is more important to provide value to prospective customers at all stages of their buying journey.  This is called content marketing and something we can help with as, well.

Engage User