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During hemostasis, factor IX is activated to factor IXaβ by factor VIIa and factor XIa.
During hemostasis, factor IX is activated to factor IXaβ by factor VIIa and factor XIa. Creative Commons. Open Access DOI:

Q) Why Use Green Mountain Antibodies’ Anti-Factor IX Antibodies?

Founded in 1996, Green Mountain Antibodies has been the pioneer producer and supplier of quality antibodies serving an important niche. We have the passion, knowledge, skills, and resources to produce the best antibody products that are tested to be pure, reproducible, and highly specific. We have over 25 years of experience in this industry and have been a leading brand in the industry for antibody production for more than a decade now. Our humble background began with the quench of our founder Dr. Bill Church to develop and produce reliable and effective antibodies to help scientists, hospitals, doctors, etc. all over the world, not just in Vermont.

We have expertise in the production of Factor IX antibodies and are known for the quality and usefulness of our products.

Here is some brief information about our Factor IX antibody products:

  1. Q) What is Factor IX?

Coagulation Factor IX, also commonly known as Christmas Factor because it was discovered to be lacking in a young patient named Stephen Christmas in 1952. It is a naturally occurring serine protease and a member of the coagulation system. Factor IX is produced as a zymogen, an inactive precursor. It is processed to remove the signal peptideglycosylated, and then cleaved by factor XIa (of the contact pathway) or factor VIIa (of the tissue factor pathway) to produce a two-chain form, where the chains are linked by a disulfide bridge.[7][8] When activated into factor IXa, in the presence of Ca2+, membrane phospholipids, and a Factor VIII cofactor, it hydrolyses one arginineisoleucine bond in factor X to form factor Xa. Factor IX is vital for our bodies and plays a huge role in the clotting of blood which is why it is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines. Factor IX expression increases with age in humans and mice. In mouse models, mutations within the promoter region of factor IX have an age-dependent phenotype.[9] The absence of ineffectiveness due to mutation of this blood clotting factor in the body is the major cause of a recessive bleeding disorder, known as Hemophilia B.

At Green Mountain antibodies we have a total of 8 anti-factor IX antibodies products that we produce, these antibodies are produced in sterile in vitro production methods, with serum-free conditions, and are purified using Protein G affinity chromatography. Some of these products are described below:

  1. Anti-factor IX antibody (Clone GMA-001): The anti-factor IX antibody (b-3) is a mouse monoclonal antibody, IgG2a, used for the detection of Factor IX in humans and rats. It is specific and has been determined using epitope mapping to recognize between amino acids 1-40 within the Gla domain of human FIX/FIXa.
  2. Anti-factor IX Heavy Chain antibody (Clone GMA-102): The Anti-factor IX heavy chain antibody is a mouse monoclonal, IgG1. The host species is murine, and it is used for Factor IX heavy chain detection in human and porcine models. This antibody binds to FIX and detects the heavy chain of FIXa in both ELISA and Western blot format, and bound GMA102 captures FIX by bio-layer interferometry. For the antibody to be effective, specific storage and handling instructions need to be followed. The antibodies should be distributed in small vials and aliquots stored at -20C if for a prolonged period. Repeated freezing and thawing should be avoided.
  3. Anti-factor IX Light Chain antibody (Clone GMA-124): The Anti-factor IX antibody produced by Green Mountain Antibodies is a mouse monoclonal IgG1. It is reactive to human, rat, bovine, and porcine antigens. GMA-124 binds to FIX and detects the light chain of FIXa in both ELISA and Western blot formats. In addition, bound GMA-124 captures FIX by bio-layer interferometry. It is supplied in quantities of 0.1 mg and 0.5 mg and is unconjugated.
  4. Anti-factor IX(148T) antibody (Clone GMA-134): A polymorphism is found in plasma-derived FIX within the activation peptide. The amino acid at position 148 exists as either threonine or alanine. GMA-134 (previously known as GMA-133) binds to FIX with threonine at the 148 position and detects FIX (148T) in ELISA and Western blot formats with no detectable binding to FIX (148A). In addition, bound GMA-134 captures FIX (148T) by bio-layer interferometry. The Anti-factor IX/PTC antibody is only reactive to the human version of the protein.

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