Immunization of Rabbits for Antibody Production

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From rabbit antibody repertoires to rabbit monoclonal antibodies.
Weber, J., Peng, H. & Rader, C. From rabbit antibody repertoires to rabbit monoclonal antibodies. Exp Mol Med 49, e305 (2017).

Immunization of Rabbits for Antibody Production

Antibody production is a vital process being conducted currently in the 21st century. This is all based on several decades of research and development on this production process coupled with the advancement in technology that took place within the last century. These complex processes are now carried out effectively within biotech companies throughout the world, to help with medical treatments, detection, and research.

Despite the advancement in medical technology and collective knowledge, the development of monoclonal antibodies is still an extraordinarily complex task and does not have a guaranteed 100% success ratio. Very few antibody developers around the globe can produce antibodies for medical and research purposes with a high success rate which is based on high specificity, sensitivity, and proven reproducibility. This is why Green Mountain Antibodies has grown a loyal and growing list of clients since its launch in 1996.

Green Mountain Antibodies is one of the world’s leading antibody production companies that has a track record of successfully producing antibodies for over 20 years now.  In this time, we have garnered precious experience and acquired exceedingly useful resources required to make the process as close to 100% successful and efficient as currently possible. We deal with clients from pharmaceutical giants to research institutions with varying requirements and budgets. The fact that we are experts in customized antibody production for different assays and various applications allows us to repeatedly exceed expectations.

The development of antibodies vs the production of antibodies are two different processes, and each requires unique customized methods and technologies. One of the most popular starting points through which antibodies are produced at Green Mountain Antibodies is through the immunization of rabbits. Immunization of rabbits for antibody production is a historically important process and through this article, we aim to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this process.

FAQS About the Immunization of Rabbits for Antibody Production:

  1. Q) Why are rabbits commonly used to produce antibodies?

Even though a lot of animal species can be used for antibody production namely, rabbit, mouse, rat, hamster, guinea pig, goat, sheep, chicken, and many more; rabbits are commonly used due to their unique features. Rabbits are preferred as they are of convenient size for vivariums (they do well in cages), have good temperament (easy to handle), are easy to extract blood, have a relatively long life span, carry out adequate production of high-titer, high-affinity, precipitating antisera, and rabbit spleen contains relatively more B cells than other animals.

  1. Q) Are specific types of rabbits preferred over others?

All rabbit species are suitable; however, New Zealand rabbits are preferred due to their enormous size which means they can provide an abundant amount of antibodies vs other species. Special care is taken so that the rabbit is of the right age for the immunization to be fruitful. Rabbits of age 3 months and above are used as they provide the most reliable results.

  1. Q) How is the immunization process carried out?

The immunization process for rabbits is carried out using a standard protocol. Between 2-10 white New Zealand rabbits are selected for the process, the fixed number depends on the client’s request: the quantity of serum required, and antigenicity of the immunogen.

  1. Q) Is the rabbit harmed?

Throughout the period of serum collection, the rabbits are kept in a safe environment and taken well care of in a well-maintained barn. They are only euthanized or terminally bled after the client’s go-ahead and after the specified number of antibodies has been collected.

  1. Q) What is the estimated production volume?

Naturally, the production volume varies according to the size or age of the rabbit. It typically ranges from 12 to 25ml of antisera per rabbit. The Total project collection volumes commonly deviate between 250ml to 5L and provide antibody yields between 5-10mg per ml It is not uncommon to pool 5 milligrams up to 1 gram of antibody in pooled antisera for a particular project, but it typically averages 100 mg per project.

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