Digital Marketing

Exceptional Digital Marketing for the Life Sciences

Digital Transformation is underway and affecting all industries.  Life sciences is a special type of industry with a distinct type of customer profile.  Unit Scientific understands the life sciences industy and the digital marketing tools that will help enhance your company’s ability to compete.

Digital Consultancy

We can come in and help you along with your digital transformation at any stage.

Brand Marketing

We can help your company tell its brand story, which is ``WHY`` are you in business.

Performance Monitoring

We can help determine how fast it takes for your website to upload knowing any delays can lead to lost business.

Traffic Analytic

Let us help you measure the source of traffic, the number of visitors, bounce rates, average visit times, and most popular pages.

Conversion Optimization

Once we increase the number of visitors to your website we can improve the number of visitors that convert into leads or new business.

Social Tracking

Creating an easy-to-follow strategy that will earn new followers, while enhancing your SEO.

Performance Monitoring Tool

Performance Monitoring

It is as critical to make sure your site is performing well as getting new leads. The approach that we want to take is to increase the flow of traffic and then optimize the pages to convert.  We can do this by looking at bounce rates, and upload times, as well as monitoring which devices visitors are on when visiting your website.

Our goal is to make it easy for prospects to find your website.  We want them to be able to upload your site quickly and find the information they are looking for with a call to action that helps us in the process of conversion.


Social Media Analysis

It is now table stakes in digital marketing to have accounts setup on social media.  For life sciencs companies the main focus would be LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  There are several other social media platforms out there, but we want to align with the demographic of our target audience.

We want to do an analysis to see if there is any positive or negative sentiment existing out there.  Most likely your brand will be neutral.  We want to establish a strategy that drives positive sentiment while continually monitoring key performance indicators.