Life Sciences Affiliate Network

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Keyword Groupings Create the Initial Links in Your SEO Strategy

The power of the software offered by Unit Scientific is based on several factors that search engines take into account when determining which websites should be placed at the top positions on their search results page. The most important factor that search engines weigh in this process are backlinks from other websites to your website.

However, the first place to start is a solid keyword strategy.  That is, you need to account for the search terms that prospective customers would be using to find your products and services.  Then create a silo of keywords that are related to a single product line or service.  This grouping of related keywords creates a strong foundation for optimizing content creation and getting ranked at the top of a search engine results page.

There is No Competition with Backlinks, Only Relevance

It is natural to believe your company is competing for market share. Logic follows you should not support the companies that offer similar producst and services. Yet, when it comes to the world of SEO, it is not a zero-sum game. Your competition is actually an asset that will boost your company’s SEO performance.  The more similarities between companies that link together the bigger the SEO boost.

The reason is that search engines are comparing the themes between the websites linking to each other.  When websites are referencing the same or similar metatags and descriptors then the search engines determine that these links are highly relevant. Conversely, if there are links to websites that have unrelated content then the search engines might recognize links as toxic. Therefore in the world of backlinks and SEO your competitors are actually your allies.

Creating a network with companies in the same industry
Creating a network with companies in the same industry.
The undeniable strength of an affiliate network
The undeniable strength of an affiliate network.

The Strength of an Affiliate Network

Once we create a well thought out keyword strategy and acknowledge that companies competing for the same business can be allies in SEO, is when we can then unlock the power of the affiliate network.  This is the boost in SEO that comes from linking to companies in the same vertical. For example, one company in the network sells antibodies, another sells purification systems, and another sells thermal cyclers, but all of them sell to the same target audience.

This is how plugging into Unit Scientific’s Life Sciences Affiliate Network™ creates tremendous value for your company’s SEO efforts. Search engines will recognize the thematic similarities between these sites since they all contain scientific language.  Therefore the relevance of your site will be seen as vital, which places the search result at the top for your selected keywords.  This is also an exclusive network that is constantly curated which means no toxic links, ever!