Anti-idiotype Antibody Generation

Generating anti-idiotype antibodies

The Background on Anti-Idiotype Antibody Generation

Anti-idiotypic antibodies are antibodies that stick to the variable regions of other antibodies. Over the years a lot of research and development has taken place to use and generate the anti-idiotypic antibodies for research studies, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, immunogenicity studies, and on a case-to-case basis for finding the severity of auto-immune diseases of patients.

These antibodies can prove useful in neutralizing circulating antibodies and useful in successfully modulating the antibody production via connecting idiotypes of membrane immunoglobulins. It has been found that these antibodies are highly region-specific and the combination of epitopes within the idiotype is unique for each antibody, hence they have been found as an important tool for research and studies on auto-immune disorders. These anti-idiotypic antibodies are particularly useful in assay development and are classified as one out of two types, blocking or non-blocking.

Generation of anti-idiotypic antibodies happens through an extraordinarily complex procedure, which is expensive, highly prone to errors, and very technical. Not many companies can successfully carry out anti-idiotype antibody production.

Green Mountain Antibodies Unique Approach to Anti-Idiotype Antibodies

Green Mountain Antibodies is the leading antibody production company that carries out unparalleled anti-idiotype antibody production with confidence and expertise. With over 2 decades of experience in the industry, we are fully equipped with the best technological resources, research and development capabilities, and expert scientists producing such antibodies. At Green Mountain Antibodies, we combine our dedication and passion for the scientific cause, with a plethora of incredibly useful resources that we have culminated along with the expertise of our team which has generated the finest anti-idiotype antibodies for quite some time. We have the knowledge required to work on the toughest projects to provide a full range of custom anti-idiotype antibodies whether to help with monoclonal drug development or immunogenicity studies or anything in between.

The generation of anti-idiotype antibodies is carried out with a greater than 95% success ratio in our labs, with the utmost care for sterility and consideration of the environment in which the antibodies are produced. The latest and greatest technology is used in the generation process which results in high specificity and affinity of the anti-idiotypic antibody. Some of the latest technology methods we use are “magic” adjuvant and immune mediators, super-sensitive hybridoma screening, and optimal clone selection processes.

Anti-idiotype Antibody Application:

Anti-idiotype antibodies have several applications. Such as the following most common:

1) Pharmacokinetic (PK) Assays: This assay is used to measure the antibody-drug level in a patient’s body, and help evaluate the absorption, time association, and metabolism of these complexes. The use of anti-idiotype antibodies along with the target antigens are two ways with which parts of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) studies can be carried out efficiently and specific enough to draw vital conclusions without further investigation.

2) Immunogenicity (anti-drug antibody) Assays: These assays are important for the positive control of antibody-drug association (ADA) measurements. Anti-idiotype antibodies can give three types of results for these essays, depending on the assay and antibody type. Complex-specific is when anti-idiotype antibodies directly detect bound antibody-drug complexes. Antigen blocking occurs when these antibodies detect only target antibodies that are unbound to drugs, and non-blocking occurs when these anti IDs detect both, unbound and bound antibody-drug complexes.

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