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Content Marketing in the Life Sciences

Content marketing can take the form of blogs, videos, landing pages, or podcasts. There really is no limit to the different mediums available to get your brand's story across to your audience. The goal of content marketing is to allow your audience the ability to connect with your products and services on a personal level.

Examples of Content Marketing in the Life Sciences

Life science companies generally have a tough time building out good content marketing. The reason is that the life sciences are built on facts and data. The people running the marketing and the companies for the most part are scientists by training. This means that they are telling their audience about the features and benefits of a product. While it is important to provide features and benefits of a product, it is not what grabs your audiences' attention.

The best content marketing makes your products, services, and company relatable to the individual viewer of said content. So, the first thing that you must focus on is how customers have benefitted from using your company's offering. Try to spin this success from the perspective of a widely experienced problem.

After looking at countless examples of content marketing in the life sciences, there is one that epitomizes the human condition and that is Hologic's Real Women's Stories. This marketing campaign produced several great pieces of marketing content centered around the stories of women facing medical dilemmas. The focus was on each woman identifying what they were battling and being able to defeat the disease. In the background was Hologic's technology. As a healthcare practitioner or patient, you would immediately be captivated by the first-person narration in video format.

How Unit Scientific Develops Content Marketing in the Life Sciences

Our approach at Unit Scientific is to focus on the problem you are trying to solve. An example of this approach is asking the question: are researchers not detecting significant biological events due to a lack of sensitivity of what is currently available in the market?

Would solve this problem means your customers would gain a greater understanding of their experimental model, therefore leading to new findings? Then we could focus on the successes of your customers. We could highlight a grant and publication that was partly due to the great data they were producing. We could point out the struggles that your customers had using other products before finding yours. We could then stress that being a customer means wasting less time and publishing faster.

At its core, Unit Scientific is a scientifically trained and technically proficient staff. Through our own experiences, we have come to realize the importance of focusing our knowledge, skills, and expertise in the world of digital marketing.

Content Marketing Life Sciences

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