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Digital marketing comprises everything your company does online. Whether we are discussing your website, email distribution, retargeting, or paid advertising on search engines, this is all under the umbrella of digital marketing. So, when we talk about digital marketing at Unit Scientific it is in the context of life sciences content. What that means is that we take the perspective of the scientist and researcher interested in your company's offering. It is a process of understanding what content is identified with potential customers learning about your service all the way through the selection process to making the purchase decision. At all of those definitive stages, Unit Scientific will determine which channels and technologies should be utilized to deliver the message. Then we use the data and metrics that are part and parcel with digital marketing to optimize and identify what works best to convert leads into customers. This is why digital marketing is such a powerful tool and a necessary strategy for any company that wants to thrive in the 21st century.

Examples of Digital Marketing in the Life Sciences

It is important to itemize some of the critical areas that comprise digital marketing since it is a hybrid of marketing with information technology (IT). So here is a shortlist of the main components involved in your digital marketing strategy:

The real lynchpin that holds all of this together is marketing automation. Marketing automation integrates with your company's customer relationship management (CRM) software. It identifies which leads are most engaged with your content and what content is driving the most conversions.

Unit Scientific will work with companies to come up with a plan to start a digital marketing transformation at this place that makes the most sense and makes the most impact.

Unit Scientific's Approach to Digital Marketing in the Life Sciences

Unit Scientific takes an a la carte approach to digital marketing. This means that we work with our clients to tackle the area that they need help with immediately. One of our unique offerings is our PASEO Softwareâ„¢. The software propels domains to the first page of major search engines for selected keywords with a sophisticated backend system that provides real-time analysis via the dashboard. This is an instant win for clients and helps to lay the groundwork for all future work together.

The epitome of working with Unit Scientific is implementing marketing automation and developing content that drives leads down the sales funnel, finally converting them into customers. There are so many features that come with marketing automation that it will be necessary for all companies who want to take a scientific, data-driven approach to grow their revenue and brand awareness. For so long marketing has been operating in the dark. Only through digital marketing and marketing automation are we able to get the feedback necessary to improve our messaging. Come one, come all, let's advance your company into the modern marketing technology stack. Then we can watch the return on investment together.

Digital Marketing Life Sciences

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