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Seo Service

What Is Provided with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are the pinnacle of all digital marketing services. This is because it allows your company to be found exactly when a potential customer is trying to purchase a product or solve a problem if done correctly. It requires a full arsenal of tactics to get ranked on the first page of search engines when it comes to competitive keywords.

The criteria that search engines use when ranking websites and supporting pages for keywords at the top position comes down to a few specific components.

  1. Content - does your website and dedicated landing page contain the content that is relevant to the keyword of interest? Some of the forms of content that have the most weight are videos, photos, infographics, and lists. Since most people prefer video to read the search engines put preferential weight on videos that contain the right metadata over text-based pages. It is important to set the proper titles and headline text on pages for search engines to determine the subject matter of the page and that it is relevant. The easier it is for someone to obtain what his search was for the higher the page is ranked on the search engine. It is why you must optimize your web pages.
  2. Backlinks - how many other websites are linking to your website? This is an incredibly important indicator of how useful your website or landing page is for those searching for a keyword. If search engines can already tell that the content on a web page matches the intent of a search term and can see that there are a multitude of links pointing to that page then that page should come up high in the search results.
  3. Authority - the domain and page authority of your website and web pages will affect your ranking, as well as the domain and page authority from the linking websites. Domain and page authority is a culmination of a few things: a) traffic to the website and page b) the quality of content on the website and page c) the number of links from quality sites to the website and page.

Understanding these components allows one to appreciate the persistence and commitment that is required to achieve the best results with SEO. This is not something that can be fully realized within even a year under normal circumstances.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service Practices

Different SEO service practices must be recognized. The type of SEO services that work to create content, backlinks, and domain/page authority is referred to as "white hat". This is the long road of developing quality content, promoting it, working with domains in a similar space to get them to link to your website and pages. As time progresses the domain and page authority will continue to rise out of a possible value of 100.

Certain businesses have tried to game the system and reduce the time to get ranked on the first page of search engines. These types of SEO services are known as "black hat". Instead of creating content and developing relationships with webmasters of other related domains, these SEO services create a plethora of backlinks to the target domain and pages. These backlinks come from "link farms" or blog networks. What this means is that one website in this "link farm" is linking to thousands of different websites while the link farm website has no real content and is not providing any value to anyone who visits it. The blog network can be a multitude of websites being hosted from the same computer, therefore, giving each website the same IP address. These tactics might work for the short term, but Google and the other search engines will eventually crawl these backlinks and punish the domain receiving them. In the end, the blackhat tactics work quickly, but inevitably thrust your domain into the nether regions of the search engine results page (SERP).

Seo Service
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