Steroids in the Life Sciences

A scientist with large muscles posing in lab coat holding test tube

Something is happening in the life sciences that is setting a precedent.

I believe it is agreed upon by all of us, in the general public, that steroids have been used and abused by professional athletes. It wasn’t even a consideration whether or not to use performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) back in the ’90s and early 2000s if you were an ambitious athlete. Especially, since this was before these dubious, but effective substances were banned by athletic commissions. The use of PEDs was deemed a necessity to play at the professional level. It was almost a certainty that those who were performing at the highest level of nearly every sport were using on a regular basis.

Mark McGwire
Lance Armstrong 2002 in the "Midi Libre

The Competitive Edge

I recognize PEDs are a blemish on professional sports and have tarnished many incredible careers.  But can we all take a collective step back and try to imagine what the pressure is like to be playing at the level where the stakes are so high that everyone you are competing against is doing whatever they can to get the advantage edgewise?

What I’m saying is that the equivalent of PEDs now exists in search engine optimization (SEO). In this analogy, Unit Scientific is the doctor administering the PEDs to your website. Except these are not illegal or detrimental to health. And instead of athletes, the beneficiaries are companies. It is our proprietary PASEO™ software that is boosting companies’ online search engine performance.

You Still Need to do the Work

Steroids are no replacement for exercise. They will not provide the desired results without strength conditioning. Similarly, our proprietary Performance Amplifying Search Engine Optimization (PASEO™) software requires that a website exists where new content is being published along with posting to its social media accounts for it to perform optimally.

Fortunately, Unit Scientific can help you out in all aspects of your digital marketing strategy. Not only are we the doctor, but we are also the strength conditioning coach.


Fantastic, if your company already has a responsive website and regularly posts to its social media accounts! It’s also not a problem if you need website development and social media management, either. We are here to help you gain a competitive edge.

strength and conditioning coach
Barry Bonds breaks all-time home run record
Sample of a keyword rankings report
Example of a keyword rankings report.

Breaking the Record

At this time, there is no committee banning the use of PASEO™ software and there will be no asterisks placed next to your record-breaking year in revenue. 

You just need to ask yourself a couple of questions:

First question – how aggressive are you in getting the competitive edge? 

Second question – how aggressive is your competition going to be taking the advantage?

Get in the Queue

Just like a doctor seeing patients, there are a limited number of slots available to rank for specific keywords.  Furthermore, based on the law of supply-and-demand, as the list of clients grows so will the pricing. Are you going to go for the brass ring when the opportunity is presented to you?

Doctor seeing patient