Vanishing Links from the Search Engine’s First Page

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The frightening story of "black hat" SEO in the life sciences

I spoke with an executive in the life sciences who is respected by all in the industry. Honestly, I look forward to the day where we would work together. She is simply one of the best by all accounts and measures.

Her company hired an SEO company that was well established and appeared reputable with a bunch of positive reviews to build links. This is a common service offered to build links from other domains to your domain called backlinks. This is one of the most important factors to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Very quickly the results started materializing. Within a few weeks, the keywords they were targeting began to show up on the first page of Google and some even made it to the first position. Just as suddenly the links for these targeted keywords disappeared, not just off the first page, but into oblivion.

What happened?

What happened was the SEO company that appeared professional and experienced was linking her company’s domain to adult sites. They had to spend the next 6 months removing those links that ended up her company’s online reputation, known as domain authority.

Link on search results page disappearing
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Companies usually pay a large starting fee with these agencies and will see results quickly. Unfortunately, just as soon as the links appear on the first page they quickly disappear along with your company’s money and online reputation. It is a shame that “black hat” SEO agencies still exist today claiming many companies as their victims.

This is just one practice of “black hat” SEO agencies that plague all industries. They also use “link farms”, which are just websites that have links to other websites. These websites do nothing but contain content (short description for the keyword they link to) for their clients’ domains, which could be in the thousands. Since these link farms are not real companies that sell products or services they are seen as “toxic links’ just like the ones from the adult sites by all the search engines.

Black hat SEO depicted by the black spy from spy vs. spy holding a bomb

What is the solution?

PASEO Software links console

What is the solution that also provides “link juice” (the domain authority your website gets when other websites link to it)? The answer is PASEO Software™ that provides critical features that can be seen in the image above.  These features include:

  • Links to your website from other real websites offering products and services to customers.
  • Links to other domains in the same or similar industries that are part of the “Life Sciences Alliance” which provides more relevance and increased domain authority.
  • Transparency to the domains that link to your domain.
  • Ability to see how the content looks on the other websites linking to your domain.
  • Ability to disable any link with the click of a button.

There simply is no other software out there like this. Contact us if you would like to set up a time to learn more about how we can help your company grow its online presence.